Adapt to Gathering Tools: how does it benefit the integrators?

Gathering Tools software is now used by a variety of integrators in the field of Business Intelligence (BI), Finance, Corporate Performance Management (CPM), and more. It is, indeed, the only solution in the market that is exclusively dedicated to the withdrawal from any data collection process done via Excel.

Why did the experts decide to adapt to Gathering Tools technology? Because it lessens the cost of projects. How? This question can be answered by listing the benefits of Gathering Tools.

Differentiating by innovation

investment integratorFirst of all, Gathering Tools makes it possible for the integrator associated with it, to realize how unique it is. However, this technology is only deployed in large firms such as Adidas, Bic, Danone, etc. The list is long, and if you would like to know about the rest of the firms, you can visit the software publisher’s website). The software is still little known by medium-sized companies and SMEs, and it is a possibility for integrators to add a new innovative technology that is technically credible to their archive.

The innovation of Gathering Tools is simple to demonstrate, and we generally receive a positive astounding feedback after the first demonstration.

  1. When a managerial audit, HRD, quality manager, or other business expert witnesses the perfect reproduction of his Excel workbook in Gathering Tools, with the emphasis of consistency checks and workflow process, s/he is generally convinced from the first presentation.
  2. Moreover, when the CIO finds that Gathering Tools allows the data in his document to be structured and integrated into the Information System, this helps to envisage how useful the software is going to be for data quality and to avoid costly developments for this purpose.
  3. Finally, when it was revealed that the price of the solution is not based on the number of users, therefore, it is not expensive to collect data from thousands of users, the sales manager noticed the savings that could be achieved by avoiding, for example, the purchase of BPM / EPM tool licenses for users who simply enter numbers or consult analyses.

In addition, as a publisher, we have developed our partnership policy with a view to establishing lasting and mutually constructive relationships. We want to maintain a small but vibrant and prolific network of partners.

The advantage

enhance integrator solutionsGathering Tools is a transversal tool: it can be used for any project requiring data collection that involves Excel as a requirement. It is a quick  investment for integrators. The form of usage can be numerous, and it makes it possible to avoid engaging in expensive and time-consuming custom-made developments.

In addition, thanks to Gathering Tools, it will be much easier to get the approval of the business people, including the CIO, who avoid change for reasons such as  preserving of work habits, no resistance to change, and so on. The integrator will save time spent on long negotiations. Implementation delays will be greatly reduced, but offset by Average Daily Rate (ADR). What more?

The quality of service

Gathering Tools for integratorAmong the many benefits of Gathering Tools for integrators, we can also mention the improvement of the quality of service. How? By adapting your projects to Gathering Tools, an integrator can now easily take into account Excel processes that might have been left out by the CIO, and thus enhance the expertise of business experts.

By transforming them into a Gathering Tools process, the integrator can easily bring his customers to rethink their processes such as, adding validation processes, creating new business rules to avoid typing errors, synchronising data from different documents to a central repository, or displaying only one or more tabs depending on the user . All this is possible with Gathering Tools. Integrators’ business skills will be abundantly used. The expertise will be strengthened with the customers by going further than the simple digitisation of their process.

The commercial expansion

benefits gathering tools for integratorFinally, last but not least: the possibilities of commercial expansion that Gathering Tools offers to integrators. They are numerous and common because Gathering Tools meets a universal need. How many projects usually remain a “dead letter” because of insufficient data? You can have a solution for this now!.

When CIOs, or business managers, hear about software to manage and integrate Excel processes into the IS, this is rarely inconsequential. As part of a treasury project, for example, Gathering Tools could quite interest the marketing for its own needs. The “repeat business” is on the rise!

By adding Gathering Tools in its offer, each integrator can consider various benefits: facilitate international development, increase customer satisfaction, touch new typology of companies, etc. The only limitation will be is what you will fix.