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Gathering Tools in a Few words

Is Excel consolidation a word you use frequently? Then, you will be interested in Gathering Tools.

Our solution transforms your existing Excel-based data collection processes into a workflow integrated into your Information System. Excel-based data collection processes are usually large and complex because they represent the richness and depth of a functional context. Those processes work and represent an important investment. Unfortunately, Excel technology have security, conformity, and traceability issues and generates high maintenance costs. Does Excel weaknesses lower the value of the functional documents created by your departments? We don’t think so.

Gathering Tools capitalizes on your investment and reproduces your existing Excel processes in a secured environment totally integrated into your Information System and independent from Excel technology.

Conversion of Excel Spreadsheets to forms

Gathering Tools transforms your Excel spreadsheets into forms, reproduces their exact same design, and functions no matter how large and complex your files are. There is no need to write any specifications. In fact, your existing Excel files are the specifications! You can consolidate several spreadsheets in just a few clicks.

Synchronisation to your Information

Excel documents are considerate as unstructured information for different reasons:

  • The organization of Excel spreadsheets doesn’t have a lot in common with a database,
  • Excel spreadsheets are usually created by functional users that, even if they have strong functional skills, don’t have an Information System urbanization point of view.
    Excel spreadsheets do have a structure and Gathering Tools transforms those structures into SQL structures in a fast, maintainable and agnostic way. With Gathering Tools, you lower Shadow IT by integrating Excel data to your Information System without having to change your urbanization rules.

Processes and Worflows

With Excel processes, managers in charge of data collection have to go back and force with their contributors in order to get a completed campaign without missing, corrupted or incorrect data. Gathering Tools offers them a workflow that automates all those tasks and put the data gathering campaign under total control.

Gathering Tools allows you to capitalize on your functional investment, lower it maintenance cost, and integrate collected data to your Information System.

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