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About the Company

Created in 2003, Calame Software is a software company specialized in automated data collection.

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With its Gathering Tools software suite, Calame Software’s ambition is to provide a flexible solution for spreadsheet data collection and consolidation in any functional department.

Gathering Tools innovative and patented concept received support from OSEO, Scientipôle Initiative and the French Ministry of Research.

Key steps


International Business Development and Partnership Agreements

Calame opens a sales department in Montreal (Canada) and New York (USA) and makes its first international sales. Gartner discover the company and Calame Software become its customer.


Targeting Large Companies

Calame Software becomes a software company with the first release of Gathering Tools, a solution that allows converting any spreadsheet-based process into a secured workflow. Excels spreadsheets are replaced by forms that reproduce their exact same design and features with additional data quality controls. Gathering Tools reintegrate Excel-based data collection processes to Information System.
Calame launches a partnership program with integration companies.


First Success Stories

Calame business development focus on specific business departments (Finance, Sales, HR, and Audit). In order to enhance business processes, Calame starts to develop dedicated software modules (workflow, data integration, and audit management).


Calame Software Creation

Founding partners create Calame Software as a consulting firm providing spreadsheet management consulting (best practices, spreadsheets structure, and version control) to large companies.

The Manager Team

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Specialist in data analysis and founder of Scanner France, Robert worked to promote new decision-aid tools for HR departments. During 12 years, he was CEO of Beresford; a company specialized in community facilities for public places. ESSEC Alumni and selected by HEC Challenge +, he helped create Calame Software and is now its CEO.
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Sebastien is the inspiration behind the Gathering Tools software suite. After a developer and a consultant career for Business Intelligence companies, he works on finding a solution to deal with data quality issues generated by Excel based data collection processes and gather Calame Software original team. As the product architect, he defines Gathering Tools strategy and features.
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Passionate about Business Development, Matthieu founded the company Progedia before joining Calame Software in 2007. Originally hired to create a telemarketing unit and implement the CRM solution, he is now Calame Software’s Sales Director. He coordinates sales and marketing of Gathering Tools and manages the network of resellers in France, Canada, and United States of America.
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