Compagnie des Alpes has integrated Gathering Tools solution in its information system

Gathering Tools user since 2006, the Compagnie des Alpes has integrated solution Gathering Tools software suite in its information system, allowing them to collect and disseminate quantitative and qualitative information directly from amusement parks and ski resorts.

Indeed, the Compagnie des Alpes is a major player in the leisure sector in Europe and operates 14 ski areas and 23 parks. With a turnover of € 500M for 25 million visitors each year, it is one the major French tourism actors.

«The business intelligence tools can be complex, for some uses GT is very efficient. In particular, reporting with Gathering Tools has been praised by users in less than two seasons. With this tool, they save time and improve reliability on seizures and can concentrate on information analysis, which constitutes their added value. The flow of information we receive from our subsidiaries are more reliable and more secure. GT is a good gateway to our information system decision.»

A few sample usages:

Opened trails management

Revenues and traffic collection

Weather conditions collection