Club Méditerranée improves its self-assessment procedures for internal control through Gathering Tools

The customer need: Formalize the collection of self-assessment questionnaires for monitoring compliance procedures”

“Collect and consolidate forms of verification processes for our 80 resorts around the world required a lot of time and energy for the people of internal control”, said Jean-Yves Corre, head of the department office Back to Club Med.

Bringing together multiple choice questions on the application or not procedures, the self-evaluation forms were previously designed Excel and filled by the heads of various departments (Finance, Human Resources, Technical Services, accommodation, catering , sports …) activities. With more than 500 people involved in the world, carrying some 250 different trades, the process of recovering the data could be quite laborious, the overall management of the operations taking place in Paris. However, this information is very important because the financial risks if the procedures are poorly enforced are real.

“With Excel, we encounter the classic problems associated with this flexible tool to use at the expense of formalization. In addition, difficult to know which is the correct version to remember when successive shipments partially modified forms. Finally, people receiving many Excel forms, for various reasons, feel less compelled to respond” , said Jean-Yves Corre.

The solution is to deploy a tool for gathering information simple and effective”

A few years ago, Club Med has developed software to automate the collection of environmental data (energy meters, waste management, recycling, …) for all these villages. “Following a request from the internal control in 2008, we wanted to capitalize on this comprehensive solution, but it appeared to us finally oversized for our needs”, says Jean-Yves Corre.

Looking for a simple tool, it has identified Gathering Tools. A model was made with existing Excel and Gathering Tool solution chosen forms. “The vendor’s argument proved true: all the work you have done with Excel will be recovered, no need to start from scratch”, recalls Jean-Yves Corre. “The early returns are very good, the users feel more comfortable to work on Gathering Tools forms on an Excel spreadsheet, tried clearer, more structured and simple.

“In addition, the function of campaign management is very popular with users of internal control now know precisely what forms they sent and to whom. Management opening and closing dates campaign is also very useful. Finally, release management can retain in the database, the last to be returned”, Jean-Yves Corre appreciate.

The result is a return rate almost doubled”

“The tool setting reminders, automatic or manual, has also saves a lot of time for the person in charge of campaigns. As a result, now the rate of return for these self evaluation campaigns is between 80% and 90% correct, against about 50% when Excel was used. The ROI of this solution does not lie in an increase in productivity, but in a better financial risk management”, says Jean-Yves Corre.

Calame The solution now has a bright future in the Club Méditerranée Group. A project is outstanding deployment of self-assessment questionnaires related to security issues. The Accounting Department has expressed his interest to manage the collection of information on monthly closings for villages. The human resources department is also interested to follow the best fiscal operations related to employment movements in the villages.