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Installation of a licence key

The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how to install a license key.

Note: You must have access to the GTAdmin module to complete this tutorial.

Preliminary operations

Start GTAdmin.      

The instance is in service



(recognizable by its 2 circular green arrows)










Stop the instance service

In GTAdmin stop the instance service.



  1. Right-click
  2. Stop the service on the instance











The arrows disappear to make way for a red panel

The instance is then stopped









Access the license order

click on “Install”                                                                            A window appear          



Support has sent you an installation key

In our demonstration:




In the enter your license key window




1) With the “Validate” button





1.Enter the new license key

2.Click on the “Validate”  button









Then click on “Install”









2) With the “Generate” button

If a “Generate” button  replaces the “Validate” button



1.Close the dialog box with the message informing of the connection failure.

2.Enter the license key received from the media

3.Click on the “Generate” button


Procèdure à suivre:

Procedure to be followed:

1.The proposed text in the text box starting with


of the panel is to be sent in an email to the support (

2.In return, the support sends you an email containing a new text starting with


3.The support return text is to be entered in the next panel of the configuration wizard.

4.Click on the “Validate”  button

5.Then continue the installation by clicking the Install button in the previous box requesting the license key

Assign instances





Once the license key is installed, go to the “License/Information…” menu









This box allows you to associate the instances declared in GTAdmin with the instance numbers of the license key and to view the characteristics of each instance license (number of administrators, developers, automation licenses, managers and validators)









1.Select an instance number of the key (the line appears in blue)

2.Assign to an instance

3.Click on “Assign to an instance…”








A dialog box allows you to assign this key instance number to an instance declared in GTAdmin


1.Select the key instance from the drop-down menu

2.Click “OK”








1.Your instance appears in the “Instance Name” field

2.Click on “Close”







Restart the instance




1.Right-click on the instance

2.Start the service










The instance is in service (recognizable by its 2 circular green arrows)








The installation guide contains all the necessary information.

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