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Implementation logs: description and recommendations

GTServer logs execution information in two different types of logs:

  • log files (located in the application’s log directory)
  • in the Windows application logs (a Windows log is created for each GTServer instance when the service is installed)


The information is recorded in the log files in a cycle.  The first instance configuration screen in GTAdmin allows you to define the maximum number of log files and their size; when a log file is full, the information is deposited in the next non-existent log file or the one that has been used the longest.

The information deposited in each type of log file can be configured for each instance via the instance configuration dialog in GTAdmin (checkbox lists on the first screen).


Description of the information deposited in the logs:

Wording in GTAdmin



Description Recommendation for file logs



Recommendation for Windows application logs



Errors Error Messages Yes Yes
Avertissements Warning messages Yes Yes
Informations General descriptive messages Yes  
Orders Trace of external process starts    
SQL Queries SQL sentences sent to the client database    
Debug Information for the use of Calame    
Execution time Execution Time for External Processes and Certain Internal Operations Yes  
Communications Trace of TCP connections received (from the clients)    


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