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Charts are imported from Excel to Design when designing a questionnaire if they are in the import area.
When exporting from Excel to GTAnswer or using a qstx template, the graphs are exported to the generated XLSX file.


Non-compatible features

The following Excel features are not compatible with GT and will cause an error when imported into Design:

  • Chart sheet
  • 3D Charts
  • Stock charts
  • Bubble charts without a series for the Z-axis
  • Constant vectors in series
  • Logarithmic scale
  • Date axis
  • Discontinuous data source (“union of cells”), e.g. =SERIES(;;(Sheet1!$B$5;Sheet1!$B$7);1)
  • Imported but not managed features

The following Excel features are not implemented in the renderer but will be read during import and written to the XLSX when exporting Excel from GTAnswer or when rendering on a qst template:

Function Remarks
Overlapping axes
Multiple category axis labels Style differences may occur when exporting
Legend in the upper right corner
Themes Theme is read (only colours) but not exported
Abscissa in reverse order Not exported
Auto derived styles Colours are supported but not “special effects” (3D effects, reflection, etc.)
End of row types (from version 2019)
Double lines (from version 2019)
Curves with “smoothing” (from version 2019)

 Features not imported

The following Excel features are not implemented in the renderer and will not be reproduced in the Excel workbook generated with the GTAnswer->Excel export or during a restitution action on a qstx template

  • Axis titles
  • Chart area with rounded edges
  • Titles with multiple formatting (only text is imported)
  • Table
  • Trend curves
  • Error bars
  • Up / Down bars
  • “Special effects: shadows, glow and soft edges, 3D format

Differences with Excel

The following features are implemented, imported and exported, but may generate differences in rendering:

  • ” Automatic ” modes :
    • Automatic scales
    • Automatic positions (labels, titles, legends and rotations, relative sizes of sectors)
  • Gradients with 2 points and contour gradients
  • Automatic label placement for pie charts (from version 2019)
  • Leader Lines (from version 2019)
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