Excel dashboard


Download Answer, our consultation and answer module dedicated to data contributors

Were you in charge of Excel dashboards? Then, you are now going to receive a notification via Gathering Tools. In order to fill out the Gathering Tool form, you have to download the Answer module that allows you to:

  • Open collecting forms,
  • Enter or import all data you have to provide,
  • Save your document to your hard drive,
  • Send the completed form to your recipient by email or web.

Answer is simple to use and its installation does not require any administrator privilege.


Balance Sheet
This form demonstrates how Gathering Tools collection table works. Built from an Excel spreadsheet, it reproduces all its features. Documents also contain some consistency checks examples and spreadsheets interoperability. Everything is described in the “How-to” sheet: just try it!
Financial Charts
This form shows analysts predictions on a given subject. Clicking on the radiogroup allows you to display analysts hypothesis and select one. This example illustrates Gathering Tools graphical capabilities, patterns handling (there are as many records as analysts for a given subject) and attachments (used here to display analysts photos).
CTO Dashboard
This "Excel-style" dashboard shows to the CTO an overview of the Information System. For each process, he can update data and the also display main projects milestones. Graphics shows KPI while conditional formatting shows alerts.
Critical Projects Management
This document shows some Gathering Tools dashboarding capabilities but also the “Patterns” feature. The “Projects” sheet allows you to modify, add or delete projects when each project is a seven lines record.
Version 3.95
  • Answer is now available for MacOs X and iOS (iPad only)
  • HTTP(s) is now standard for all transactions
  • Users can add comments to their answer
  • Validators can export documents to Excel
  • Actions now support public description
  • New ergonomics for campaigns monitoring
Version 3.95
  • Active Directory Authentication
  • Copy / Paste (Answer / Answer, Answer / Excel, Excel / Answer)
  • Multiples selection with summarizing aggregates
  • Adjustables row heights and column widths
  • New conditionnal formatting : Data Bars, Color Scales and Icons Sets
  • New component : scrollbar
Version 3.9
  • New file format : .QSTX
  • Data Sync : users can refresh data from the questionnaire
  • Dynamic multitabs
  • Conditionning of rows, columns and sheets
  • When attachments files are bitmaps, bitmaps are displayed in the cells instead of files
  • Tabs are under the sheets (like in Excel), and tab color is imported from Excel
  • Performance boost
Version 3.7
  • Charts
  • Excel multiple tab import
  • Import sheet selection in Answer
  • Excel export in Answer
  • Visualization axes
  • qst base reports
Version 3.5
  • New calculation engine, mor efficient RAM, support functions volatile calculation
  • More accurate Excel emulation (function PLAFOND(), PLANCHER(), VAN.PAIEMENTS, circular references
  • Support orientation fonts
  • Suvbstitution of small fonts
  • Zoom bar
  • Outline mode
  • Certificates for signing feedbacks
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