Bouygues Construction improves the reliability of its reporting through Gathering Tools

The customer need: concerns HRIS to know precisely the number in international

“The Bouygues Construction Group employs some 54,000 employees worldwide”, said Gregory Foulon, HRIS manager at Bouygues Construction. “If we know the employees in France, it was much more complicated for 30,000 employees working outside of France.”

The precise headcount abroad was a difficult problem to solve for the HRIS. Causes: the lack of experience of our international structures to integrate the process of collecting harmonized.

“From one quarter to the next, we could see significant changes in staffing structure by using an unsecure spreadsheet” explains Gregory Foulon. “How then justify such different figures from management?”

The solution: Stabilize the process of data collection

Calame contacted in September 2008, Gregory Foulon attended a product demonstration Gathering Tools. Meanwhile, a study of the competition is launched.

“We looked OutlookSoft” (Editor’s note: Today SAP BPC), said Gregory Foulon, “and concluded that it was too soft oriented fiscal consolidation. We also studied solutions at Microsoft, who seemed insufficiently mature, and finally evaluated what we could do with Enablon a tool in this group for the extra financial reporting.”

Ultimately won the support Gathering Tools: “approach and positioning in relation to our decision information system HR seemed relevant. This brick gathering complete information, although our group HR reporting tool. In addition, the mode of distribution of forms collected by email and their “look” spreadsheet “Excel-like” meet the needs of users.”

HRIS Bouygues Construction while conducting a pilot on a small area to test the solution in real conditions. HRIS supports hands Gathering Tools, and develops his own collection forms. These are business experts who adapt the product to their needs, without having to seek the ISD group, what is often disproportionate to the actual needs of a project.

“The establishment of Gathering Tools has enabled us to stabilize and secure an existing process”, explains Gregory Foulon. “We were forced to adopt a proactive approach: knowledge of the scope of the collection is defined by central rather than by local authorities themselves.”

The result Trusted collection, improved data quality”

After a convincing pilot phase, the HRIS Bouygues Construction has extended the use of the seven Gathering Tools operational entities. The production took place in the first quarter of 2010. The time saved is obvious: the responsible entities ressaisissent more data before it is validated by the “lock” controlling their entry into the BI system HR Bouygues Construction.

The time saved will surely reinvested in the control over water ski become more regular, more and better forms completed.

Quarterly until now, the frequency with which raising campaigns could become monthly through Gathering Tools, responding to strong demand from business entities.

Gregory Foulon would further capitalize on this enhanced quality control of data and thus extend the scope of the collection of HR indicators for the movement of international staff, for example.