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The operation of the suite as a whole is independent of whether the machine is virtual or not, as long as the machine has access to a hard disk, pointing device, keyboard input device, output device, network access, etc., similarly to a physical machine, and if the technical prerequisites of the installation are met.

Nevertheless, the performance of the operation may be degraded if the host machines hosting the virtual machines do not have sufficient performance (or host too many virtual machines or virtual machines requiring too much computing power from network disk accesses, etc.).  In general, to ensure minimum performance, the recommended resources for a physical server should be guaranteed at all times (and even be higher) for the virtual machine.  Virtualization being an “additional layer”, performance can only be degraded, even slightly, compared to a physical machine of equivalent characteristics.

Finally, DBMS virtualization for databases that need to ensure high performance (numerous accesses and/or large volumes, etc.) is generally not recommended by the publishers of these different DBMSs.

For some client modules such as GTAnswer, the graphical interface is very slightly altered: the virtualization operated on some machines does not correctly manage the 3D layers used.

The software support provided under the maintenance contract is ensured whether the machine is virtual or not.

However, if it turns out that the cause of a possible problem which is brought to our attention can come from virtualization, GATHERING TOOLS will have to ask to reproduce the problem in a physical workstation.

GATHERING TOOLS is a Microsoft certified parter. As part of this certification, the product has itself been certified as to its operation under the Microsoft virtualization platform (Hyper-V).

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