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An action is a sequence of operations associated with a template.

Types of actions

PublicationLaunch Campaign
Launch Restitution
Database UpdateIntegration
Rights ManagementManage Users
Remove reply rights
Open or Close Document
AutomationCombined action

Create an action

  1. Log in with a developer account
  2. From the home page, select the project your template is part of
  3. Click on the “Templates” or “Actions” button
  4. On the actions/templates page, select the template to which you want to add an action
  5. Click on the “Create a new action” button below the list of actions

Execute an action

The execution of an action requires a user account with the appropriate rights on the template (either a privileged account: developer or superior or a manager account with access to the template).

The action can be executed :

  • Manually, by clicking on the execute button from the action list
  • Automatically, via the API, a combination or a trigger.
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